The Imagine Cup Update

This was sent to the Finalists of the year Image Cup Congratulations on being a worldwide finalist in the 2009 IT Challenge invitational!  The worldwide finals in Cairo are going to be a great experience and we hope you are excited.

We also know that your challenge in the finals is going to be quite daunting.  You will be expected to know everything you’ve been tested on in Rounds 1 and 2 and much more.  Microsoft IT Academy program wants to help you get ready for this challenge, so we’ve asked a few volunteers from the Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) community to help you out.

I happen to be one of the MCT who will be helping one of the finalist There are a few MCT’s, who has volunteered to answer any questions you have about the Microsoft technologies you’ll need to be familiar with for the final competition. MCTs are accredited teachers and experts in Microsoft technologies. They do not have any information about the challenge you’ll face in Cairo, but they will do their best to answer the questions you have as you prepare.

Good luck to All Finalist


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