AOL and Comcast Top the MSN Money 2009 Customer Service Hall of Shame

Customer Service Hall of Shame

No. 1 AOL

No. 2 Comcast

No. 3 Sprint

No. 4 Capital One

No. 5 Time Warner Cable

No. 6 HSBC

No. 7 Qwest

No. 8 Abercrombie & Fitch

No. 9 Bank of America

No. 10 Citigroup

Doing Things Right

On the flip side of the coin, discount retailers and supermarkets continued to satisfy the public with their customer service as six retailers were recognized in the Hall of Fame. Grocers, in particular, stood out — with Trader Joe’s, Publix, Whole Foods and Costco all being ranked among the nation’s best companies for customer service.

Customer Service Hall of Fame

No. 1 USAA

No. 2 Trader Joe’s

No. 3 Netflix

No. 4 Amazon

No. 5 Nordstrom

No. 6 Publix

No. 7 Whole Foods

No. 8 Apple Computer

No. 9 Costco

No. 10 Southwest Airlines

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