Look at your Bios and See if you can run Virtual PC XP mode

How to confirm your PC can run Windows XP Mode

Although OEMs have been shipping hardware virtualization in PCs for three years, hardware virtualization is not available in all PCs — so even if your PC is new, it may not have hardware virtualization. Additionally, those PCs with hardware virtualization have it turned off by default, so you will need to turn on the hardware virtualization capability before you can use it.

To determine whether your PC works with Windows XP Mode:

Step 1. Does my PC have a CPU with support for hardware virtualization?

For Intel processors:

  • Download, install and run the Intel Processor Identification Utility.

  • Navigate to the CPU Technologies tab and read the value in the "Intel Virtualization Technology" field.

    • If the value is No then your CPU does not support hardware virtualization.

    • If the value is Yes then the CPU supports hardware virtualization. Go on to step 2 below.

For AMD processors:
AMD Virtualization Compatibility Check Utility.

Step 2. Does my PC BIOS support hardware virtualization, and is it turned on?

Instructions to turn on hardware virtualization in your PC BIOS are specific to OEM models. It is important that after changing your BIOS settings the PC is completely shut down at the power switch before restarting so that the new BIOS settings can take place.