Changes in Windows 7 Security

In this and future blogs i will be talking about new changes in Windows 7 and security.  Bitlocker allows you to protect a desktop, server or laptop with encryption solution.

This issue BitLocker Enhancements

Bitlocker 1st appeared in Vista and could only protect the system volume which required user to have 2 different partitions on for boot and one for data. With service pack 1 you could encrypt the full drive. The issues were this was not easy to deploy. There is now a new tool for migrating and existing drive to support BitLocker from a Wizard!

Bitlocker wizzard

In Windows 7, enhancements include the management of BitLocker.  and use of Group Policy settings that allow you to  update your passwords and integrate with Smart Cards  and manage fixed drives.

BitLocker to GO is all a new feature for portable devices and will discuss that in another article.

For information on how BitLocker work go here