Internet Explorer 8 RC1

Internet Explorer 8 RC1 makes great strides in both features and performance improvements that provide faster day-to-day browsing, and is designed for the way people really use the web. We are excited about this new release and its cool features, functionality, and partner opportunities:

Add Value with Web Slices
Enable users to subscribe to content directly within a page, and monitor information as they browse the Web. IE8 Web Slices make it possible to integrate rich, real-time online services and content.

Add Functionality with Accelerators
Accelerators allow you to enhance selected text on your Web pages, enabling you to map addresses, define words, add blog functionality, and share website data across the Web and e-mail.

Enable Quicker Results with Instant Search
Help customers find the information they need, faster. Users can leverage suggested search terms to help find the data they need—without typing the entire word or phrase. Visual search functionality adds images and graphics to search results.

Protect Customers’ Critical Data with Built-In Functionality
Inspire customers’ confidence by helping to reduce risk and protect their IT environments—on premises or hosted—from security and privacy threats. Identify malicious sites and blocks malware downloads.

We encourage you to download IE8 RC1 and if you haven’t already, install the compatibility patch on your own website today. The patch will help ensure that IE8’s advanced technology works with your site.