Computer Security

I get asked a lot what operating system is most secure. There is a simple answer, The one that patched. Then they ask why is Windows have so many patches.

The true is that all operating system have issues!

I hear Linux is much more secure that windows. Not True, look at the patches for Linux and you find lot more for Linux then windows.

But most important look at there rest of your system

Have you patch your browser, QuickTime, update the firmware on your router ?

So how do you find out about all you computer equipment in one spot go to and look at the products  you have.

This site will tell you that you Router, Printer,  Cell Phone has an security issue and how to fix it. Yes I said Cell Phone, if you have an Apple iPhone there are over 7 advisories and, 53 Vulnerabilities.

If you want to be secure do the following;

1. Think before you open, or download items

2. Do not login as an Administrator (Vista and UAC’s can protect you here)

3. Patch your computer

4. Patch your applications

5. Patch your hardware

6. Be careful with e-mail it  is an easy way for people to steal your identify. If you won something, or you can buy something for a lot less than any where else be very concerned. My advise if you get e-mail from someone you do not know, do not read it.