Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows Vista

Vista Shortcuts using the Windows key:

Window key+B Sets focus to first icon in the notification area. You can use arrow keys to move among the icons in the notification area or press Tab to move around
on the taskbar.

Window key+D
Show Desktop (without the Sidebar).

Window key+E Windows Explorer (opens to Computer).

Window key+F Find Files or Folders (aka Search).

Window key+M Minimize All windows (Sidebar not included).

Window key+Shift+M Undo Minimize All Windows.

Window key+R Open the Run dialog box.

Window key+Tab 3-D Flip (flips you through your applications but with a cool graphic instead of the standard Alt+Tab). Requires the use of the Aero user interface.

Window key+Pause/Break System Properties.

Window key+F1 Windows Help.

Window key+L Locks workstation. If the user account has a password, it must be reentered to unlock the system again.

Window key+U Ease of Access Settings.

Window key+Spacebar This shows the Sidebar (the Sidebar must be open, but minimized).

Ctrl+Window key+Tab Brings up Flip-3D, but it will stay on the desktop so you can scroll up, down, left and right.