Thursday, August 5, 2021

Microsoft announcing Compliance Ecosystem Expands with New Connectors and Partners

 To continue to enable our customers to apply Microsoft Compliance solutions to their entire data landscape including non-Microsoft systems we are constantly expanding our Compliance ecosystem. Data connectors are built-in to our Compliance platform and enable high-fidelity data ingestion. Once data is ingested it is available for multiple compliance scenarios including Litigation hold, eDiscovery, Retention settings, Records management, Communication compliance as well as Insider risk management.


Data connectors growth

Today we are excited to announce the addition of two new partners 17a-4 and Cell Trust. These two new partners are bringing a wealth of new connectors and categories of non-Microsoft data sources. Overall this has helped further expand our connector catalog from 39 connectors - as announced earlier this year - to a total of 65 connectors available in our connector gallery.


17a-4 connectors

17a-4 LLC focuses on assisting clients with SEC and FINRA compliance requirements and the associated rules that govern Business Communications, Electronic Messaging, and Books and Records.


“DataParser’s integration with Microsoft Compliance solutions further enhances 17a-4’s partnership with Microsoft,” said Charles Weeden, Managing Partner 17a-4, LLC. “With DataParser connectors, clients can bring users’ Zoom, Slack, Webex, Bloomberg, etc. data into Microsoft 365 to benefit from various compliance solutions including Litigation hold, eDiscovery, Retention, Records Management and Communication Compliance.”


CellTrust connectors

CellTrust provides compliant and secure mobile communications for regulated industries. CellTrust SL2™ is a communication platform for voice, text / SMS, and chat.


“CellTrust is thrilled our flagship SL2™ is now available for use with Microsoft Compliance solutions,” said Sean Moshir, CEO and Chairman. “SL2 keeps personal and business mobile communications separate on a single device, provides a dedicated Mobile Business Number™, and simultaneously captures business data for various compliance solutions including Litigation hold, eDiscovery, Retention, Records Management, and Communication Compliance - while enhancing mobile collaboration and driving productivity within a secure environment.”


Data connectors in GCC

We have heard from our customers that governing data is critical to adhere to compliance regulations. In a world where government employees work and provide public services remotely, information is stored across numerous devices in multiple disparate locations from on-premises to the cloud. This situation makes it challenging to secure and govern data and to comply with regulations. Today we are excited to announce the general availability of the following data connectors – from our partner TeleMessage - for the Government Community Cloud (GCC). This will provide government organizations with significantly greater depth in governing critical data.

  •    AT&T SMS/MMS
  •   Bell SMS/MMS
  •  Enterprise Number Archive
  •  O2 Telef√≥nica
  •  Telus Text
  •  Verizon SMS/MMS
  • Android Archiver

More details on all the available external data sources along with supported solutions are available here.