Tuesday, July 21, 2020

CISA Releases New Cyber Essentials Toolkit on Organization-Wide Cybersecurity

    CISA released its Cyber Essentials Toolkit, Chapter 2: Your Staff, The Users. This toolkit is the second in a series of six toolkits set to be released each month. This chapter follows the release of Chapter 1: Yourself, The Leader – Drive Cybersecurity Strategy Investment and Culture and CISA Cyber Essentials in November 2019.

    Chapter 2 emphasizes the importance of the organization as a whole in cybersecurity, requiring a shift toward a culture of cyber readiness and greater cyber awareness among staff by providing cyber education, training, and other resources. Focus areas include, leveraging basic cybersecurity training; developing a culture of cyber awareness that incentivizes making good choices online; teaching employees about risks such as phishing and ransomware; and identifying available training resources from partner organizations.
To learn more about the Cyber Essentials Toolkits, visit https://go.usa.gov/xfbFN.