Saturday, February 23, 2019

617 million accounts stolen

According to the 617million accounts stolen from 16 hacked websites now for sale on dark web, seller boasts.

 Some 617 million online account details stolen from 16 hacked websites are on sale from today on the dark web, according to the data trove's seller.

For less than $20,000 in Bitcoin, it is claimed, the following pilfered account databases can be purchased from the Dream Market cyber-souk, located in the Tor network:
Dubsmash (162 million),
MyFitnessPal (151 million),
MyHeritage (92 million),
ShareThis (41 million),
HauteLook (28 million),
Animoto (25 million),
EyeEm (22 million),
8fit (20 million),
Whitepages (18 million),
Fotolog (16 million),
500px (15 million),
Armor Games (11 million),
BookMate (8 million),
CoffeeMeetsBagel (6 million),
Artsy (1 million), and
DataCamp (700,000).

The hacker told The Register that his goal in putting up the stolen accounts was to ‘make life easier for hackers’. He plans to sell the information to anyone who promises to keep the data secret. This attacker has been hacking accounts since 2012 and information on at least 20 databases.
Further, the hacker stated:
“I don’t think I am deeply evil. I need the money”
“Security is just an illusion. I started hacking a long time ago. I’m just a tool used by the system. We all know measures are taken to prevent cyber attacks, but with these upcoming dumps, I’ll make hacking easier than ever.”

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